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  • Rotational molding, including capital equipment (machinery, processing equipment, etc.) is a cost effective option for plastic manufacturing.
  • Rotationally molded parts are 100% stress-free, have excellent impact resistance, and can withstand chemical and environmental attack.
  • Value added features, such as threaded tank necks, inserts, double walls, intricate contours, etc. can be produced via rotomolding.
  • Speed-to-market advantage: once a design is finalized, tooling can be produced in a manner of weeks, offering a distinct advantage over other processes.
  • Rotational molding allows for the integration of multiple parts into one piece, saving on manufacturing and assembly costs.
  • Large products can be rotationally molded for significantly less cost as compared to other structural plastics processes.
  • Many tooling options are available and are relatively low in cost.
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